PAN Publishing House, founded in 1990, is specialized in publishing books for children and young adults – fairy tales, novels, illustrated books, encyclopedias, board books, sticker books, activity books, reference books, educational aids for the pre-school age, etc.

The annual production of the publishing house includes over 120 new titles, among which are the most popular children’s novels of all times, as well as books by the most significant modern authors. PAN has the ambition to publish the best novels, fairy tales, and poems for children, written by Bulgarian authors, and to present the finest examples of native storytelling and folk wisdom. A special series is dedicated to the world masters of the fairy tale.

About 10 years ago PAN started publishing a collection of titles from the recommended reading lists for the National Literature Curriculum. The texts are accompanied by critical studies and are very useful for the students.

The publishing house keeps up contacts with many American and European publishers and literary agencies and is the Bulgarian publisher of Astrid Lindgren, A.A.Miln, Erich Kastner, and many other renowned writers.


PAN Publishing House

P.O.Box 791
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

Office address:

99, "Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi" bul., ap. 25

1142 Sofia. Bulgaria

Tel./fax: + 359 2 / 974-31-65